What is SageWAP?

SageWAP is a website that offers jobs in Tanzania


How to get a job in SageWAP

You will get a job if you visit our website to get daily updates

How to Connect to SageWAP

Connect with us through social networks to receive our information 

What does SageWAP do?

Our work is to receive various Jobs from Institutions and Companies in Tanzania and outside Tanzania

Why SageWAP

It is because our services are excellent and we trust the customer and give a good services 

There is a payment to get employment?

No Our job services are FREE ie. we do not expect jobseekers to pay for our career services

What will I do if I get a job opportunity in SageWAP?

If you find an advertisement for your employment, you can apply through the instructions that you will have been given with the relevant advertisement

In which countries does SageWAP work?

We provide services within the country of Tanzania and other countries such as Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Ghana, Nigeria and the whole of Africa

Can I meet the SageWAP Team Work?

You can meet our Team through social networks but also through our Contact page 

What SageWAP tells its customers?

SageWAP welcomes all who have completed various colleges and educations who have not yet found a job and who are hoping to change jobs that SageWAP will provide you with a job easily and quickly wherever you are

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