27 December 2022

Scholarship: Spend Winter in South Africa, ACU Program

  SageWAP.com       27 December 2022

Scholarship: Spend Winter in South Africa, ACU Program

Job Overview

Scholarship: Spend Winter in South Africa | ACU Program

Welcome back. You always imagine spending your Winter in Parks, and in your Countryside. So, here we came up with a new idea. Spend Winter in South Africa. Applicants having Undergraduate & Graduate are eligible for this Fully Funded Summer Program in Africa. No IELTS Requirement and No Nationality restriction requirement. Anyone having Any Degree with any experience are eligible for this Summer School Program. Stellenbosch University is hosting this Program. Duration is from 2 To 10 July.
Host country is South Africa

Host university is Stellenbosch University

The theme is Truth and reconciliation: from apartheid to transitional justice

Eligibility is Final year undergraduate students, masters’ students and PhD students at ACU member universities

Places: 40 available, fully-funded

Season: Winter in South Africa

What Grants are Available?

The full costs of selected applicants are:

  • Free Rooms/ No Rent
  • Free Transport
  • Food will be given Free of Cost
  • Social activities will be organized
  • Excursions also are done
  • Economy return flights

These are not included:

  • Visa fees not included
  • Food during activity days

Requirements For Applicants

  • ACU program is for those who have not traveled to another country yet.
  • Applicants having Undergraduate, Graduate and PHD Doing applicants are eligible.
  • Students who previously attended ACU Program are not eligible.

Application Procedure For Spend Winter in South Africa?

  • It is part of the application procedure, that you need a reference letter from your current University Professors.
  • Describe in the application Procedure why you want to be a part of this program.


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