21 December 2022

Curriculum and Assessment Manager, High School, Job Opportunity at SPARK Schools, South Africa

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Curriculum and Assessment Manager, High School, Job Opportunity at SPARK Schools, South Africa


About SPARK Schools

SPARK Schools is a social impact disruptor and is leading change in the education space through its network of affordable private schools. The SPARK Schools network provides transformational education innovation through Africa’s first blended learning model, which elevates student achievement and provides the tools teachers need to serve their students effectively.

The blended learning model, which combines classroom teaching and online instruction, allows teachers to anticipate student needs and equips schools to provide personalized education at an affordable cost. SPARK Schools is pioneering this transformative education model to ensure the accessibility of university and careers for all.

SPARK Schools is a high growth, mission and values-driven entrepreneurial organisation, operating 19 primary schools, 1 high school and serving over 14,000 families in 2022. We are looking for dynamic people to join our team.

Purpose of Role:

The Curriculum and Assessment Manager “CAM” manages the work of the Curriculum and Assessment Lead teams to provide high quality curriculum and assessment guidance and structure and associated artifacts for the schools. The CAM works with the achievement team to ensure that there is an integration of the curriculum, assessment and implementation so as to achieve superior scholar results.

Reports To: Product Manager



The CAM will lead a team of three to four subject specialists who are the Curriculum and Assessment Leads for the relevant phases. The CAM will take direct responsibility for at least one subject to ensure direct and ongoing experience of the processes the CAM is designing and overseeing.

The CAM is responsible for ensuring that the curriculum guidance and support given to schools achieves complete curriculum coverage and that assessments are reliable and valid in tracking scholar progress and planning interventions.

The CAM is thus responsible for the development of clear, fit for purpose and accessible templates, standards and guidelines

The CAM oversees the choices related to teaching and learning resources and is responsible for ensuring that all selected resources support scholar achievement.

The CAM ensures that there is an integration in the various parts of the learning model and that the support given by the curriculum and assessment team enables this integration.

The two CAMs work together to develop appropriate policy and procedures to support all of the above.

The CAM is responsible for the ongoing design, implementation, evaluation and continuous improvement of the relevant learning model in collaboration with the product and achievement teams. As such the CAM is responsible for content and delivery of curriculum and assessment including its alignment with the DBE CAPS and all extensions beyond CAPS, in order to meet the network objective of globally competitive education practice based on strong foundations in all areas of learning.

  • Design
    • Research and lead the ongoing refinement of the Learning Model in line with network and product objectives and in close collaboration with the school achievement teams.
    • Design and implement a balanced assessment framework and approaches that encompass formative, interim, summative, baselines and benchmarks.
    • Document the principles, processes and procedures that support the learning model to ensure consistent application.
    • Specify and monitor the data and reporting requirements within national compliance frameworks and focus on the generation of actionable insights and efficient compliance reporting.
    • Support the design of timetables to translate the vision of the Learning Model into action within national compliance frameworks including but not limited to instructional time and assessment compliance.
  • Curriculum and learning resource selection
    • Coordinate, plan and contribute to the development of appropriate direction, guidance and curriculum documentation for all subjects that meet the objectives of the DBE CAPS curriculum and provide extension beyond these requirements for scholars.
    • Oversee the selection of curriculum resources for scholars and teachers to best support the implementation and delivery of the curriculum.

Curriculum and Assessment Manager – High School Job Vacancy at SPARK Schools – South Africa

  • Assessments
    • Continuous review of assessment policies to keep abreast with changes in assessment DBE criteria.
    • Deliver high-quality assessments through stringent quality assurance and moderation processes.
    • Monitor the standards of all external assessments, ensuring accuracy and consistency alongside the achievement teams and Curriculum and assessment leads.
  • Leadership support
    • Support High school Principals in the evaluation of implementation of curriculum and assessments design.
    • Standardise rubrics and other evaluation tools related to curriculum and assessment.
    • Create a rhythm of feedback and improvement alongside school leaders.
    • Monitor and evaluate curriculum efficacy against NSC outcomes across all subjects
    • Work with the Professional Development Manager, School Achievement Managers and Primary School Principals in the evaluation of the effectiveness of the curriculum and assessment design.
  • Teacher support
    • Standardise document formats and templates such as termly overviews to best achieve consistent and coherent implementation across the network
    • Standardise teaching, and or, term plans for all subject areas and relevant grades, aligned to the South African National Curriculum and SPARK Schools CAPS+ curriculum;
    • Standardise assessments for all subject areas and relevant grades, aligned to the South African National Curriculum and SPARK Schools CAPS+ curriculum.
  • Implementation
    • Translate the design of the School Learning Model and compliance requirements into policies and processes to support in the implementation of the model.
    • Interpret, communicate and enable compliance of academic standards in line with global trends and current South African legislative requirements.
  • Budget
    • Ensure accurate budget for all resources and line items on the academic budget allocated to curriculum and assessment.
    • Oversee the requirement specification for procurement of all items needed to implement the Learning Model.
  • Team management and leadership
    • Ensure the professional development and growth of Curriculum and Assessment Leads.
    • Ensure alignment with agreed standards
    • Ensure that the team works with the other Curriculum and Assessment Team to ensure overall coherence of the SPARK model and product
    • Identify and research best practice to support high academic achievement.
    • Updates job knowledge by participating in conferences and educational opportunities; reading professional publications; maintaining personal networks; and participating in professional organisations.
  • Evaluation
    • Coordinate, plan and conduct evaluation visits to SPARK schools to monitor, evaluate and support the effective implementation of the curriculum.
    • Work collaboratively with the implementation/ achievement teams to improve practise to better support scholar achievement.
    • Coordinate, plan and contribute to evaluation reports for SPARK schools to inform school self-evaluation and school improvement planning.

    Qualifications and Criteria: The ideal candidate will possess the following qualifications and criteria:

  • B.Ed, and or Honours/Masters degree in Education- curriculum and assessment
  • SACE registration and certification
  • SAQA accreditation for non-South African equivalent qualifications
  • Clean/Clear Criminal record


  • 3 – 5 years leading the design, implementation and evaluation of a school/network learning model including curriculum and assessment programmes;
  • 5+ years school leadership experience;
  • 10+ years education experience.


  • Curriculum and Assessment knowledge and experience is a key requirement for this position.
  • Deep understanding of the DBE CAPS curriculum and its implementation is required.
  • Experience in technology enabled education or blended learning is preferred.
  • Experience in assessment at all levels of the relevant phases is required.
  • Strong desire to be part of a vibrant and dynamic technology-driven work environment fostering creativity, collaboration and an atmosphere that encourages and allows top performers to thrive.
  • Strong desire to be part of a collaborative, team spirited and fast growing Social Impact Disruptor. Ability, desire and passion to deliver high quality transformational education at affordable fees.
  • Leadership.
  • Collaboration.
  • Communication.


  • Grit: Persistence through challenges.
  • Excellence: A track record of high expectations personally and professionally.
  • Mission and Vision Alignment: Understanding of and passion for the SPARK Schools mission to provide excellent education at an affordable cost.
  • Self­ Reflection: Finding the capacity to bring your best self to challenges and opportunities.

Values: Service, Persistence, Achievement, Responsibility, Kindness


SPARK offers:

  • fair market linked remuneration
  • discretionary performance-based annual bonuses and increases
  • above average/good annual leave
  • life, disability and funeral cover
  • employee wellness support
  • educational support & study leave
  • individualised professional development, support and mentorship
  • employee discount on school fees
  • opportunities for career growth

Compensation: Commensurate with experience.

Position type: Full Time

Location: Rosebank, Johannesburg, South Africa

SPARK schools is an equal opportunities employer and preference will be given to candidates from designated groups with due consideration of the company’s Employment Equity goals and targets.

SPARK schools encourages persons with disabilities to apply.

SPARK Schools may expire the posting of this advertisement at their own discretion.

Kindly note that should you have not heard from us within two weeks of the closing date please consider your application unsuccessful.

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