26 December 2022

Courier Manager, Job Opportunity at Mwananchi Communications Limited

  SageWAP.com       26 December 2022

Courier Manager, Job Opportunity at Mwananchi Communications Limited

Job Overview

Courier Manager

Mwananchi Communications Limited

Dar es Salaam December 26, 2022 Administration Jobs

Job Summary

To design, implement and continually review the sales and courier strategy and manage & develop all courier staff to ensure that the business achieves its objectives and revenue targets.

Full Job Description

  • Manage courier activities so as to maximize sales revenues, ensure sustainable sales growth and achieve revenue targets and business objectives
  • Direct the development and implementation of sales processes, tools and capabilities for courier.
  • Manage customers in a manner that ensures achievement of goals/targets
  • Manage, develop and supervise the entire staff in courier section in order to maintain a highly effective and motivated workforce
  • Accurately forecasts annual, quarterly and monthly revenue streams and sets performance goals for self and the team accordingly.
  • Track progress of monthly and quarterly performance against operational targets
  • Recommend necessary actions aimed at redressing performance shortfalls or other constraints to the courier strategy.
  • Responsible for new business development and recruitment of new business partners within established programs
  • Ensures timely debt collection for all sales and liaises with the Finance department to ensure that all customers’ accounts are accurately reconciled.
  • Prepare detailed sales and courier reports on a daily, weekly and monthly basis for the special reports as required from time to time.
  • Gathers market intelligence on customers and competitors’ activities and new products on the market and advises management accordingly.


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