Job Opportunity at Danish Refugee Council (DRC) Protection Assistant [community-based]

Job Opportunity at Danish Refugee Council (DRC) Protection Assistant [community-based]

Protection Assistant [community-based]


Employment Band:I
Reporting to:Protection Manager
Technical line manager: Protection Team leader
Direct reports: Protection Officer
Location: Nduta/Nyarugusu camp

Overall purpose of the role:The protection assistant [community-based] is responsible for the implementation of activities under one or more of the following sectors: community mobilization, support to leadership structures, community engagement, information management, help desk/mobile help desk.

• set up the leadership structure at three levels (nyumbakumi, village leaders, zone leaders), follow up regularly on the performance of community leaders, and conduct regular meetings with Community Leaders at all levels.
• Support the leadership development by identifying needs, and gaps, and suggesting the best ways to address them.
• Conduct election and re-election of community leaders and provide orientation and training on the Code of Conduct and PSEA to newly elected leaders.
• Conduct regular monitoring visits to the zones, villages, and Nyumbakumi and oversee all activities done, providing support where necessary and possible.
• Hold regular meetings with leadership representatives and the community itself to gather feedback and the challenges they face.
• Prepare and lead the community leaders with partner meetings and make sure that the minutes and feedback are shared on time.
• Organize weekly Information dissemination campaigns to improve the communication between agencies and refugees in the camp, in particular: collect information from different agencies, prepare messages to be shared and monitor the information team of incentive workers to ensure that the information is disseminated efficiently and effectively across the camp.
• Assist in organizing different community engagement activities i.e. town hall meetings, FGD, etc.
• Collect and analyze the feedback of the refugees regarding humanitarian assistance, share reports/referrals to specific agencies and follow up on agencies’ responses and actions to ensure the feedback loop is closed.
• Work closely with partner agencies through coordination on the information/feedback needs to and from the refugee community.
• Set up the committees, make regular follow up, and organize different activities (site maintenance, men, women, and market committees).
• Monitor the attendance of the committee members in different activities/meetings and report immediately any gaps due to voluntary repatriation, shifting to other zones in the camp, etc., and organize re-election as needed.
• Support the committees to conduct regular “giving back to the community” sessions, awareness-raising sessions e.g. “violence-free homes”, and meetings in the community.
• Hold regular meetings with the committee members and committee representatives regarding their activities to gather feedback and challenges they face; identify capacity development needs for the committees and liaise with other DRC departments/partners to organize training.
• Receive individual concerns/complaints at the help desk (mobile or fixed) and take proper actions including verbal advice, writing referrals, and provision of accurate information.
• Report immediately to Protection Manager any sensitive complaint received through the different channels of the feedback mechanism
• Follow the referral pathways between DRC and other humanitarian actors and make a follow-up on the issues raised to ensure feedback is provided on time.
• Maintain confidentiality and seek refugees’ consent before making referrals to other organizations
• Ensure proper recording of complaints received and actions taken and provide timely and accurate data and information to the information management officer.
• Ensure all groups in the community including PSN, women at risk, and other vulnerable groups have safe and dignified access to the community-based feedback mechanism
• Manage the incentive workers team, manage their attendance, and report any issues of concern to the Protection Team Leader [community-based]
• Ensure accurate documentation of activities and keep all documents in order and safely (e.g. distribution lists, attendance lists, etc.)
• Keep an updated database of names and addresses of all community leaders/members of committees
• Ensure that all groups in the community have an access to COVID-19 and Ebola Viral Disease information and hygiene promotion through different channels of information dissemination.
• Track rumors and misinformation on COVID-19 and Ebola Viral Disease and its vaccines and participate in the development of key messages to address the rumors’ in collaboration with relevant stakeholders.
• Conduct one-to-one and small group sessions with members of the community to remind them of COVID-19 and Ebola Viral Disease prevention measures and the importance of vaccination as a long-term recommended solution.
• Ensure key groups such as mobilizers, ToTs, influencers, etc are capacitated on COVID-19, its vaccination, and Ebola Viral Disease and make close follow-ups to ensure their knowledge and acquired skills are escalated to other members of the community.
• Ensure that sets of generic COVID-19 and Ebola Viral Disease messages including those communicating on vaccination and messages tailored to specific community groups are printed and shared with the community for further reference.
• Support women’s committee activities and ensure that they use their corresponding podia to communicate COVID-19 information.
• Ensure coordination and work relations with other RCCE implementing partners.
• Ensure the health front liners, community key mobilizers, influencers, and incentive workers are capacitated on Ebola Viral Disease.
• Support the formulation of the committee for rumor tracking, misinformation, and information on the Ebola Viral Disease
• Ensure that the peaceful coexistence committee is set up and functioning well.
• Prepare work plans and reports (weekly/monthly) on the activities and submit them timely to Protection Team Leader [community-based]
• Ensure full cooperation with other protection assistants and act on their behalf during their absence
• Any other activities assigned by the Protection Team Leader [community-based]

Experience and technical competencies:
• 1-year work experience in a related field
• Previous experience working with refugees – preferable
• Previous experience working in international organizations – preferable.

Protection Assistant [community-based] Job Vacancy at Danish Refugee Council (DRC)

• Diploma or Bachelor’s degree in Community Development, Social work, psychology, political science, development, law, or other related fields.

• Ability to communicate in English and Swahili, and knowledge of Kiha/Kirundi will be an added advantage.

Key stakeholders: (internal and external)
• Other DRC departments and managers in particular protection, Camp management, GFD, supply chain
• UNHCR, in particular, CBP UNIT
• MoHA
• Other INGOs
• refugee representatives
• Police

Core competencies Basic Advanced Expert
Striving for excellence ☒ ☐ ☐
Collaborating ☐ ☒ ☐
Taking the lead ☐ ☒ ☐
Communicating ☐ ☒ ☐
Demonstrating integrity ☐ ☒ ☐

• Basic: I master the essentials, but may at times need help from others
• Advanced: I can work independently at full professional level.
• Expert: I am the go-to person when others need help.


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