28 September 2022

Job Opportunities at Manyandamedics, 12 Volunteering

  Nasseb Abdallah       28 September 2022

Job Opportunities at Manyandamedics, 12 Volunteering

12 Volunteering



Raising awareness is the key plank of the public health approach to various disease conditions in Tanzania.

Community based programs, health campaigns and the media play a significant role in spreading information and raising awareness on different health-based issues most especially disease prevention and health enhancement in large populations. They enable to influence and change public opinion and behavior on an issue. This can lead to public pressure on the local policy actors, which therefore indicates that community-based projects can indirectly influence decision makers as well.

Furthermore, health promotion programs or projects play a role as an advocacy tool.

Manyandamedics focuses on health promotion and awareness creation about various disease conditions and health threats that are significantly affecting the community.

Our Profile

Manyandamedics is a non-profit, non-governmental organization soon to be registered in Tanzania.

Our programs include; designing and implementing health related campaigns on the following thematic areas; Non-communicable diseases, Adolescence sexual and reproductive health, Mental health, Maternal and Child health, infectious diseases as well as Neglected Tropical Diseases. We make this possible by leveraging integrated community outreach programs, social media outlets and web-based technologies. Moreover, all our programs planning and decisions are data driven in order to ensure overall good health and wellbeing in the Tanzanian Community.

We focus on raising awareness of individuals on how to prevent themselves from diseases and emphasizing on frequent screening of the moderate to high risk people for early detection of aggressive and silent killing conditions.

Our Vision

A health-literate and productive community, free from diseases

Our Mission

Manyandamedics seeks to contribute towards people’ wellbeing by ensuring health-literacy, in order to reduce suffering and high treatment costs that could otherwise be used for development.

Values of the organization.






Respect for diversity

12 Volunteering Job Opportunities at Manyandamedics


Health Writers (4 positions)


Researching and writing health related articles

Participating in Team meetings for evaluating and strategizing on various health awareness campaigns.


The candidate should have a medical background

Basic research skills

Good writing skills in Swahili language.

Ready to learn and adapt new skills

Social media Influencers (8 positions)


Scheduling content publications across platforms

Crafting and editing pertinent content

Sharing highly visible links to prescribed websites and social media

Conveying authentic enthusiasm throughout each publication


Should have demonstrated some influence in social media platforms with a significant number of followers.

Should have copywriting skills

Being a tech-savvy is an added advantage.


Become one of change makers in your community by using your writing skills to save lives

Your articles will be published at our website and you will be featured in our social meadia platforms

Get an opportunity to connect, network as well as learn from passionate and talented young people and professionals from a diverse background.

The Deadline for Submitting Applications is October 6 , 2022.

How to Apply:

Join Our Telegram Channel and WhatsApp Groups

Important Safety Tip

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