Job Opportunity at Tindwa Medical And Health Services, Registered Nurse

Job Opportunity at Tindwa Medical And Health Services, Registered Nurse

Registered Nurse

Job Title : Registered Nurse

Tindwa Medical And Health Services

Department : Emergency Medical Services
Reports To : HOD Emergency Medical Services
Date : 16th Aug, 2022

Registered Nurse Job Purpose:
Responds immediately to emergency calls to deliver medical assistance. Evaluates sick or injured patient’s condition and offers treatment necessary before hospital admission. Transports patient to nearest appropriate medical facility in ambulance. Collaborates with ambulance technicians, emergency medical technicians, emergency care assistants, and other emergency medical responders to deliver patient care. Maintains ambulance and medical equipment therein. Acts as senior medical professional at the scene of emergencies or accidents.

Registered Nurse Job Duties:

Responds to requests for emergency medical assistance in ambulance with other emergency healthcare providers
• Assesses medical condition of patients at scene
• Plans and administers requisite treatment immediately, either at scene or en route to hospital
• Utilizes sophisticated medical equipment, such as defibrillators and ventilation machines, to revive and stabilize patients
• Performs urgent surgical procedures, such as intubation, as needed
• Equips injured limbs with splints when necessary
• Dresses wounds and minimizes excessive bleeding
• Administers medications using intravenous drip
• Prepares patient for safe ambulance transport using backboards, gurneys, stretchers, and other restraints
• With additional training, operates a helicopter as part of an air ambulance crew • Communicates and documents patients’ conditions to other members of medical crew, such as emergency doctors and nurses, upon arrival at medical facility
• Cleans and restocks ambulance equipment after responding to call
• Perform consultations with clients including the provision of basic physical examination and advice on the treatment and management of clients’ health problems. • Provide health promotion advice and education to clients.
• Dispense and administer pharmaceutical therapies including vaccines and prescribed pharmaceuticals for common conditions.
• Collect and enter required patient data accurately and in a timely manner • Undertake any other duties at the request of the Clinic Doctor which are considered relevant to the position and are consistent with the level of classification

Paramedic Job Skills and Qualifications:

Works Well under Pressure, High Stress Tolerance, Quick Thinker, Strong Troubleshooting and Analytical Skills, Compassion, Good Listening Skills, Excellent Verbal Communication Skills, Team Player, Physical Fitness and Strength, Familiar with Medical Technology, Sound Judgement and Decision-Making.

Experience and Minimum qualification

  • Minimum of 5-year experience working as a Registered Nurse in well recognized facility
  • Registered to practice (Diploma in Nursing or Bachelor of Science in Nursing) ii 5 years of practice as an Emergency Nurse at an ER/ prehospital care unit or ICU iii Qualification in anesthesiology
  • Experience on remote sites
  • ITLS / ACLS/ PHTLS qualification
  • Qualification in hygiene
  • Qualification in management (IT/ dashboard/ excel/ word/ team management, communication skills)
  • Trainer for Basic first Aid and/or advanced first Aid
  • Ability to carry out routine primary health care including patient assessment, patient resuscitation, care, and monitoring
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Demonstrated capacity to work successfully in a small team with minimal supervision.

Additionally, should possess the following technical knowledge and skills (non-comprehensive):

  • Rapid sequence intubation plus maintaining the anesthesia
  • Airway management
  • Managing Myocardial Infarction (including fibrinolytic) / Stroke/ Crush syndrome/ septicemia or severe infections/ arrhythmias, severe bleeding and polytraumas, severe allergy
  • Under protocols and supervision of a Senior Medical Officer (SMO)
  • Air medevac skills (conditioning before the flight)


Interested applicants are required to submit a cover letter with current CV for consideration to before 30th September 2022.

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