18 August 2022

Job Opportunity at WHO, Individual Consultant, To assist with Response to Polio Outbreak in Tanzania

  Nasseb Abdallah       18 August 2022

Job Opportunity at WHO, Individual Consultant, To assist with Response to Polio Outbreak in Tanzania

Individual Consultant, To assist with Response to Polio Outbreak in Tanzania



Consultants with experience in country support to assist countries at risk of polio outbreak from neighboring countries and to assist with intensification of surveillance, routine immunization and immunization campaign. The consultants with experience in strengthening AFP surveillance, routine immunization and conducting MR, IPV, OPV and integrated campaigns.

The consultant will assist with improving quality of immunization campaigns and surveillance for poliovirus for eradication of poliomyelitis due to wild or vaccine related poliovirus in case it happens in Tanzania and to detect and interrupt any new outbreaks due to wild or vaccine-derived polioviruses more rapidly.


Under the direct supervision of the WHO Polio Team Leader, the incumbent will perform the required duties within the framework of WHO program and policy documents.

Summary of Assigned Duties

  1. Monitor progress and identify risks in regions and districts assigned.
  2. Promote activities to enhance Acute Flaccid Paralysis (AFP) surveillance, including rapid surveillance assessments, development of action plans to improve surveillance, evaluation of the impact of these plans, and training/orientation of national and sub-national staff.
  3. Develop and manage approaches in assigned regions that can achieve polio eradication while contributing to strengthening routine immunization systems.
  4. Assist with preparations for Polio immunization campaign readiness.
  5. Provide technical guidance for coordination and planning of Supplementary Immunization Activities (SIA) planning in outbreak-affected regions as well as SIA activities to reduce vulnerability in countries at high risk of outbreaks.
  6. Evaluate and document outbreak response activities to ensure that all lessons learned are effectively incorporated into current best practices.
  7. Submit a weekly and monthly report.
  8. Perform other duties, as may be requested by the supervisor. 

Major output from consultant:

  • Produce a summary report with all surveillance indicators monthly and provide feedback to regions and districts.
  • Produce mission reports after each field surveillance visit and submit to IVD Team leader.
  • Provide a list of surveillance priority sites and a matrix for supportive supervision.
  • Produce report of regional review meetings and comprehensive report of performance quarterly to IVD Team leader.
  • Produce a report of the status of preparations for the Polio campaign and implementation




  • Masters degree in medical/health field, a degree in Public Health, Epidemiology, Health Services Management or related field.


  • PhD on Public Health, Epidemiology, Health Services Management or related sector will be an added value



  • At least 5 years working in the health sector in Tanzania.


  •  Experience in working with UN Agencies, NGOs, or the Health sector will be an added value

Individual Consultant – To assist with Response to Polio Outbreak in Tanzania Vacancy at WHO

Use of language skills

Essential: English at an expert level is a mandatory requirement
Desirable: Swahili language will be an asset in performing the duties


Specific skills required:

  • Good knowledge in computer and Microsoft applications (Excel, Word, Power point)
  • Good understanding of the Tanzania health system;
  • Good understanding of immunization services ;
  • Experience in working as National STOP Polio team
  • Considerable experience in Vaccine-preventable diseases surveillance especially AFP and measles case-based surveillance.
  • Experience in working with multiple health sector stakeholders;
  • Excellent writing and presentation skills;
  • Indepeth understanding of the Expanded Program on Immunisation is a distinct advantage;
  • Demonstrated ability to motivate people of diverse background to resolving problems while promoting effective team work. 


The consultant will be paid as per NO-B/ICS 9 scale per month and allowances for travel will be provided including transport.

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