15 August 2022

Job Opportunity at Watu Credit, Network Administrator

  Nasseb Abdallah       15 August 2022

Job Opportunity at Watu Credit, Network Administrator

Network Administrator

Job Purpose

As a Network Administrator you will be responsible for supporting operations in the head office and branches within the framework and policies of the IT department. The Network Administrator’s position is to work with escalated infrastructure and networking tickets and solution requests that need attention, as well as to maintain system administration, network infrastructure maintenance and set up scopes. This role is critical as this individual directly affects the capabilities of smooth and continuous business operations.

Responsibilities and Duties;

  1. Responsible for support and maintenance of company computer systems. Troubleshooting problems, configuring hardware and software, implementing and adapting new tools and setups.
  2. Implementation and maintenance of the network infrastructure and administration of  the environment – such as routers, switches, firewalls and others.
  3. Completing system installs and upgrades. Installing new systems and implementing upgrades as needed. Conducting consistent analyses of a company’s computer systems to determine if existing components meet the company’s needs and perform upgrades or updates as needed.
  4. Technical support and maintenance of the office equipment – such as printers, scanners, and peripherals.
  5. Support and maintenance of the local call centre system infrastructure, integration and troubleshooting in the company’s call centre system solution.
  6. Adjusting  and setting up ICT policies and procedures for the company and departments.
  7. Implementation and maintenance of the network infrastructure and endpoint safety.
  8. Performing regular network and infrastructure reviews and assessments.
  9. Performing regular evaluations and reviews of the infrastructure administration and user rights, performance tests.
  10. Work closely with management in relevant IT project management – budgeting, pipelining, distribution of tasks, team alignment, follow ups and reports.
  11. Investigation and implementation of new tools and systems according to department and process needs.
  12. Preparation and reporting infrastructure and network data analysis and incident reports.
  13. Working hand in hand with the Head of IT, IT department and other involved departments as well as third parties in order to reach the set objectives.

Network Administrator Job Vacancy at Watu Credit


Education level:

Diploma in IT or relevant field
Minimum of 3 years of experience in IT

Minimum of 1 year of experience in a similar role of system or network administrator or engineer

Technical skills:

  1. Knowledge of hardware maintenance and troubleshooting technical and MS issues
  2. Hands on experience with network infrastructure and configurations, ability to troubleshoot and perform maintenance.
  3. Excellent skills with network cabling and assembly and set up of key network and infrastructure elements (server rack, Routers, APs, Switches, patch panels etc.)
  4. Extended knowledge in one of the networking technology manufacturers products (Mikrotik, Ubiquiti, Cisco etc.)
  5. Proficiency with Google products (Sheets, Docs, Slides, Drive), ability to use those tools for analytics and optimization of tasks and processes.
  6. Experience and skills with Active Directory, MS Server, Linux server, VM setups and administration
  7. Ability to set up and use advanced network monitoring tools (Wireshark, Zabbix, Grafana etc.)
  8. Understanding of methodology of IT standards and Network/data safety
  9. Experience with project management tools, such as Jira, Gitlab, Spiceworks and others will be considered as an advantage.

  10. Behavioural skills:
  11. Excellent communication skills – speech, presentation and written communication.
  12. High attention to detail and internal quality control, good organisational skills.
  13. Strong interpersonal skills and ability to work harmoniously in an organisation with diverse business operations.
  14. Ability to analyse data and use it effectively in order to make constructive decisions and reach set objectives.
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