11 August 2022

Job Opportunity at Vivo Energy, Legal Manager

  Nasseb Abdallah       11 August 2022

Job Opportunity at Vivo Energy, Legal Manager

Legal Manager

Generally, the purpose of the role is to:

  • Provide legal advice and support to the different businesses and function in country, and to manage legal resources both internally and externally
  • Provide legal and regulatory compliance support and written Legal opinions to Vivo Energy Tanzania and Joint Ventures (JVs).
  • Provide quality Company Secretarial duties to Vivo Energy Tanzania Limited and Joint Ventures (JVs).

Specially, the person will under the following responsibilities:

Assessing and managing all legal obligations and responsibilities of the Company to ensure that at all times the business of the company is conducted within the law;

Checking on the various aspects of the operations of the company and advising on the legality of such actions and ensuring compliance;

Providing legal representation, advice, counsel, and opinions in all areas of law affecting the Company, including compliance and legal regulatory issues;

Keeping a follow up on all the cases in which the Company is a party to ensure quick and optimal resolution for the company;

Supervising and guiding the external lawyers and firms representing the company;

Advising the Company, its management and other employees in the course of their work for the company;

Bringing legal issues and concerns to the attention of senior management and assisting in developing policies to ensure compliance with the law;

Undertaking legal review of and advise the company upon important legal documents, agreements, policies and procedures;

Providing updates to the company’s management on the legislation that affects the company’s business and operations;

Conducting legal training to the Company’s employees on the respective legal requirements for their roles in the Company and acting as a resource on the interpretation of existing or proposed laws and regulations;

Providing legal advice regarding all legal matters involving regulators, complainants or other parties;

Providing company secretarial services to the company

Performing other projects and duties at the request of the Company’s management as assigned

Legal Manager Job Vacancy at Vivo Energy


  • A University degree in Law and a call to the Bar
  • Membership of the Tanganyika Law Society
  • A minimum of 5 years practice in Company and Commercial Law
  • Previous experience in corporate setting and management is desired


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Closing date is 31st August, 2022

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