Job Opportunity at Tigo - Site Roll, Out Manager

Job Opportunity at Tigo - Site Roll, Out Manager

Site Roll, Out Manager

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Full Time
End date to apply: 10/08/2022


To deliver a steady throughput of on air sites to the Head of Operations within a specified budget and according to specifications following MIC policies and processes that are given to the network roll out team.


We lead by Connecting, lead by Owning, lead by Delivering, lead by Change and lead by Vision. You will live our values of Trust, Passion, Simplicity, Integrity and Innovation.


  • To set up and manage the roll out organization
  • To commission and hand over the sites/BTS to O&M according to the flow of sites defined in the Site Master Plan target

Key deliverables: On air sites per week (piano)(and not monthly per week)

  • To comply with quality standards and to deliver sites documentation: templates, latest standards / documents are implemented.
  • To set up an audit function to enforce all controls in the roll out activities.

Key Deliverables: Quality assurance team report, Reports delivered on time, site files

  • To coordinate all activities that require Radio Network Engineering, Field Operations, System Planning, Contractors and Finance resources.

Key Deliverables: Payment deadlines are met, Lead time between milestones are respected

  • To report cost and to ensure that project budget is met.

Key deliverables: CAPEX reports

  • To manage Contractors and to implement the civil work agreements.
  • To conduct contract management activities for all main civil work agreements.

Key deliverables: Contract management issues and contractors weekly reports

Site Roll-Out Manager Job Vacancy at Tigo


  • 3 – 5 Years Telecommunication or related engineering experience
  • Roll out experience of a cellular technology is preferred.
  • Knowledge of Civil work, GSM, cellular technologies, project management, basic financial understanding, excellent tracking skills
  • Roll out experience of a cellular technology is preferred.

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