15 August 2022

Job Opportunity at Scania Tanzania Ltd, Consultancy,Tender

  Nasseb Abdallah       15 August 2022

Job Opportunity at Scania Tanzania Ltd, Consultancy / Tender

Consultancy, Tender

Request For Proposal Construction Consultant/Project Manager for the Construction/Renovation Of Office Building

Scania Tanzania Ltd is currently accepting proposals from suitably qualified individuals or companies for Construction Consultant/Project Manager for the renovation of its main building along Nyerere Road plot # 8.

Consultancy / Tender Opportunity at Scania Tanzania Ltd

The purpose of the Request for Proposal is to solicit a proposal for the project which includes :

  1. Design planning
  2. Permission planning/renovation permission planning
  3. Preparation of the tender
  4. Participation in the tender review and award process
  5. Project coordination, supervision, controlling
  6. Time management during construction time until completion respectively start of the operation
  7. Cost management(guarantee on budget)
  8. Quality and quantity management

Instructions for Submission of Proposals

The outstanding project manager having long experience should submit their details and proposals and must be placed in a sealed envelope marked ‘Private and Confidential’ and addressed as follows:

Tender for Construction Consultant/Project Manager
P. 0. Box 9324 Dar es Salaam
Proposals will be accepted until 26th August 2022

A soft copy may also be submitted at tender@scania.co.tz All proposals must be duly signed. More details can be seen in Scania Tanzania website www.scania.co.tz Scania Tanzania reserves the right to select Project Manager from outside received on the basis of their past background.

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Important Safety Tip

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