Job Opportunity at the Residence Zanzibar, Procurement Manager

Job Opportunity at the Residence Zanzibar, Procurement Manager

Procurement Manager

The Residence Zanzibar


Job Responsibilities:

  • Compiles, codes, categorizes, calculates, tabulates, audits, or verifies information or data.
  • Ensures compliance with all brand established systems and procedures.
  • Creates a Purchase Requisition/Purchase Order System for the property and ensures employees are trained on this system.
  • Conducts inventories, maintains par stock, expire products, rotation, requisitions etc.
  • Ensures accurate administration of all invoices and adheres to proper bookkeeping procedures.
  • Ensures inspection of all deliveries to verify accuracy and quality of product.
  • Implements and enforces all control procedures for property goods entering through the purchasing/receiving areas.
  • Ensures staff is properly trained regarding procedures, sanitation, equipment handling and chemical usage.
  • Ensures compliance with sanitary procedures.
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