27 August 2022

Job Opportunity at NMB Bank PLC, Analyst, Card Finance

  Nasseb Abdallah       27 August 2022

Job Opportunity at NMB Bank PLC, Analyst, Card Finance

Analyst, Card Finance

Job Location : Head Office

Job Purpose:

Responsible for making sure all scheme’s accounts are properly reconciled to avoid loss in revenue; including cost saving initiatives and analysis of customer behavior to maximize income while putting controls in place.

Main Responsibilities:

Check accuracy of data input by branches for deposits on credit/prepaid cards accounts and make appropriate adjustments according to internal procedures and guidelines.
Reconcile accounts on a timely basis to provide account balances to cards management, accountancy and audit.
Reconcile the general ledgers to consolidate cards’ revenues and expenses for profitability reporting and take corrective actions within reasonable time.
Review all invoices raised by vendors/card schemes dealing with card business and initiate payments.
Data analysis of networks fees, cards revenues and expenses.
Analysis of customer behaviour to identify new sources of revenue.
Ensure accuracy of card business dashboard for performance evaluations.
Responsible for business case on new and revamped products in the cards industry.
Monitor internal accounts to follow up targeted cards income and to identify abnormal losses and expenses.
Guarantee compliance with networks operations rules and regulations to avoid any penalty charges.
Prepare reports for NMB Management Team, BOT, QOC and QMR for Visa and MasterCard respectively and submit them on time as per guidelines provided by the bank and card schemes.
Master the accounting entries and profitability of cards projects.
Looking at profitability as per different business line and product.
Provide support to the settlement and dispute teams.

Knowledge and Skills:

Understanding of Banking operations and scheme card products.
Strong Analytical skills
Self-motivated and ability to work independently.
Advanced user of Power Point Excel programs and reconciliation tools.

Analyst; Card Finance Job Vacancy at NMB Bank PLC

Qualifications and Experience:

Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent in Business Administration, Banking, Accounting.
CPA certification or its equivalent.
A minimum of 3 years’ banking experience preferred in card business.

NMB Bank Plc is committed to creating a diverse environment and is proud to be an equal opportunity employer

Job opening date : 26-Aug-2022
Job closing date : 09-Sep-2022

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