06 July 2022

Job Opportunity at Southern Link Ltd - Civil Engineer

  Nasseb Abdallah       06 July 2022

Job Opportunity at Southern Link Ltd - Civil Engineer

Civil Engineer

Position: Civil Engineer

  • Estimate qualities and cost of material, equipment, labor to determine project
  • Inspect project site to monitor progress and ensure conformance to design
    specification and safety or sanitation standards.
  • Direct construction operation and maintenance activities at the project site.
  • Reviewing government regulation and ordinances.
  • Doing feasibility assessment and site inspections.
  • Preparing and implantation project plans.
  • Direct or participation in surveying to lay out installation and establish reference
    points grades and elevations to guide constructions.
  • Determine construction cost, local and professional building regulation environment
    impact and other factors that can affect project implementation.
  • Enforcing engineering, local and legal regulations like heath, and safety protocols
    on site
  • Monitoring and optimizing safety procedures, production processes and regulatory
  • Perform calculation, dimensioning and control of concrete and metallic
  • Ability to carry out safety analysis and stability and quality control.
  • Ensure projects run smoothly and structures are completed within budget and on
  • Resolving design and development problems
  • Assessing the sustainability and environmental impact of the projects
  • Perform calculation, dimensioning and control of concrete metallic construction.
  • Making recommendations on presenting alternative solutions to problems.
  • Direct or participate in surveying to lay out installations and establish reference
    points, grades and elevations to guides construction.
  • Performing technical and feasibility studies, including analyzing maps, survey
    reports, plans and related data to create and design civil engineering projects.
  • Prepare or present public reports, such as bid proposal, deeds, environmental impact statements and property and right of way descriptions
  • Perform other duties as assigned.


  • Excellent time management skills to ensure project deadlines are met.
  • Strong analytical and critical thinking skills with a high level of accuracy and
  • Ability to give presentations.
  • Strong ethical standard.
  • Good interpersonal skills.
  • Excellent in written, oral communication and proficiency with technical reports
  • Ability to coordinate more than one project at a time.
  • Computer literate (Word, Excel, Power point, Internet and Access)


  • Bachelor degree in Civil engineering.
  • Must be registered as a Civil engineer.
  • Must be a Tanzanian citizen.


  • A minimum of 3-5 years experience in Civil Engineering.
  • Experience in road projects with demonstrated capacity to meet performance
    indicators and deliver good results.


Qualified candidates should physically submit their application letter, CV and
certified certificates to southern link Limited office, located at Mikocheni Light
Industrial Area, Josam House, Block ‘’A’’ 2 rd Floor, Room no. A13 before 15 th
July. 2022

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