18 July 2022

Job Opportunity at Melva International Limited. - Store Keeper

  Nasseb Abdallah       18 July 2022

Job Opportunity at Melva International Limited. - Store Keeper

Store Keeper


On behalf of our client, we are looking for a Store Officer who will track information in order to keep businesses and supply chains on schedule. S/he will ensure proper scheduling, record keeping, and inventory control.


  • Maintain receipts, records, and withdrawals of the stockroom
  • Ensure adequate record keeping and manage all documentation to confirm proper stock levels and maintain inventory control
  • Perform other stock-related duties, including returning, packing, pricing, and labeling supplies
  • Inspect deliveries for damage or discrepancies; report those to accounting for reimbursements and record keeping
  • Rotate stock and coordinate the disposal of surpluses
  • Coordinate the handling of freight, the movement of equipment, and necessary minor repairs
  • Receive, unload, and shelve supplies.

Store Keeper Job Vacancy at Melva International Limited.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Procurement and Logistics, Financial management, or equivalent qualification preferred
  • Knowledge of proper bookkeeping and inventory management and should have worked on tally
  • 3+ years of experience in store keeping, inventory control, or record keeping
  • Analytical mind with ability to make accurate mathematical computations
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills and ability to effectively manage time
  • Competencies in data entry, analysis, and management;
  • Skills to operate common office equipment
  • Familiarity with standard concepts and best practices in a stockroom or warehouse environment.
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