06 July 2022

Job Opportunity at Dexintec Finance Tanzania Ltd - Debt Collector

  Nasseb Abdallah       06 July 2022

Job Opportunity at Dexintec Finance Tanzania Ltd - Debt Collector

Debt Collector

Company name: Dexintec Finance Tanzania Limit

Industry: Fin-tech

Location: 4th Floor, Victoria Nobal Center, New Bagamoyo Road, Dar es salaam

Position: Debt Collector

Job Responsibilities:

  • Reviewing the company debtors list.
  • Contacting customers and informing them of their overdue bills.
  • Advising customers on their payment options and suggesting methods of payment.
  • Negotiating suitable repayment plans.
  • Maintaining customer payment records.
  • Responding to customer queries.

Debt Collector Job Vacancy at Dexintec Finance Tanzania Ltd

Job Requirements:

  • Certificate/Diploma/ Degree in any field
  • At least 1-year relevant experience
  • Experience from Mobile lending institutions preferred
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Must be able to deliver under strict deadlines and handle pressure effectively.
  • Good knowledge of relevant computer programs and telephone systems
  • Outstanding negotiation skills with the ability to resolve issues and address complaints

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Interested applicants should submit their applications to tessie.tess@dexintec.com , indicating the position and salary expectation on the subject on/before 15th July 2022

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted*

Note: Do not pay for any training, certificate, shortlisting or interview.

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