16 July 2022

Job Opportunity at CVPeople Tanzania - General Manager

  Nasseb Abdallah       16 July 2022

Job Opportunity  at CVPeople Tanzania - General Manager

General Manager

CVPeople Tanzania


Serving as the local face of the company: You will be The Company’s representative in key forums and with local media etc
P&L ownership: You will have full P&L ownership as you grow revenue and manage costs to ensure profitability and sustainability;
Business development & partnerships: You will establish strategic partnerships with key stakeholders, and manage high level relationships;
Student recruitment:Recruiting high volumes of students into our ALX training programs;
Talent placement: Source opportunities from employers and fill job vacancies with talent outsourced from The Company
Driving a culture of execution: You will serve as the custodian of the company entrepreneurial ‘doer’ culture, rolling up your sleeves as a Founder- no job is out of scope.

General Manager Job at CVPeople Tanzania

Knowledge and Experience

Fluent in English and fluent in the primary local language (if not English).
5+ years of experience in management consulting, finance, or operations management;
3+ years experience building partnerships;
Entrepreneurial DNA & high level of self-motivation;
Strong business and financial acumen


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