18 July 2022

Job Opportunities at LHRC - Legal Aid Volunteer – 12 Positions

  Nasseb Abdallah       18 July 2022

Job Opportunities at LHRC  - Legal Aid Volunteer – 12 Positions

Legal Aid Volunteer


(a)    Provide legal Aid to clients
(b)    Reconcile and mediate client disputes.
(c)    To update and maintain Legal Aid Management System (LAMS) and legal aid website
(d)    Document success stories from legal aid clients
(e)    Identify and tap issues for advocacy from the legal aid clients attended.
(f)    Conduct gender analysis of LAC cases for identification of advocacy issues
(g)    Provides quality legal Aid services to clients
(h)    Ensure program is implemented towards achieving desired outputs
(i)    Ensure timely execution of activities and other program related duties
(j)    Contributes towards achieving LHRC vision.
(k)    Any other duties assigned by Supervisor

Legal Aid Volunteer Job Vacancies at LHRC – 12 Positions

Experience :

Minimum qualifications required
To be considered for volunteering, candidates must meet the following eligibility criteria
(i)    Be either a recent graduate (having completed their studies within one year of applying)
(ii)    Successfully completed Law School
(iii)    Have completed undergraduate bachelor’s degree in law (LLB)

The deadline for submitting the application is 22 July 2022.

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