21 July 2022

Job Opportunities at Daqing Oilfield Construction Group Co. Ltd - Community Liaison Officer – 2 Posts

  Nasseb Abdallah       21 July 2022

Job Opportunities at Daqing Oilfield Construction Group Co. Ltd - Community Liaison Officer – 2 Posts

Community Liaison Officer


Daqing Oilfield Construction Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter as DOCG), as a CONTRACTOR for Storage Terminal of EACOP Project, invites experienced and reputable candidates to apply for the positions of COMMUNITY LIASON OFFICER (2) two positions which will be at Tanga region in the Chongoleani ward. All Tanzanians with the following qualifications and who are ready to work on the storage Terminal Project (MST) at Chongoleani should apply.

Position – Community Liaison Officer (2 Post)


  • Bachelor degree in Social Science, Sociology, environmental science or other relevant discipline.
  • At least 5 years of professional experience conducting stakeholder engagement in rural communities.
  • At least 3 years of construction related experience preferred.
  • Experience in conducting engagement activities with authorities including associated protocols.
  • High level of interpersonal skills with a proven ability to develop and maintain good relations with a wide range with stakeholders including a high level of discretion, Diplomacy and ability to Manage conflict and gain consensus, required.
  • High degree of organization and ability to organize team task and objectives essential.
  • Excellent knowledge of both written and spoken English and Swahili.
  • Responsibilities:-
  • Develop understanding of District, Ward, Village and Hamlet level stakeholder and how they may be affected by DOCG activities.
  • Develop understanding of DOCG construction activities, all DOCG work locations (direct and indirect) and the type of community engagement required, keep community informed of DOCG activities.
  • Implement DOCG stakeholder engagement work plan
  • Interface with DOCG Site representative and EACOP CLO on construction activities.
  • Keep DOCG updated on community issues feed and highlight potential community related risk to DOCG for action.
  • Record and report community questions and project related concerns and participate in preparing and providing timely responses.
  • Implement EACOP Project Grievance Mechanism.
  • Coordinate with the EACOP in resolve grievance related to DOCG activities.
  • Maintain detailed records all stakeholder engagement supporting information including minutes of meetings, Attendance Registers, Photo and written records and maintain database hard/Soft copy for sharing with EACOP.
  • Maintaining register of and record all stakeholder concerns, issues and any other stakeholder feedback relating to DOCG construction activities for action with DOCG Social Manager.
  • Produce daily, weekly and monthly construction stakeholder engagement in puts reports as required.
  • Support DOCG construction activities and engagement activities as needed by DOCG Social Manager and DOCG Construction Manager.

Community Liaison Officer Job Vacancies at Daqing Oilfield Construction Group Co. Ltd


  • The Contract shall be for a specific task (Construction period)

Job type

  • Full time employment

Work Rotation

  • He/she will be working 26 (twenty six) days consecutive and A(four) days off

Place of Work

  • Chongoleani ward in Tanga region.


Interested individuals with the capacity and willingness to work with DOCG in the position mentioned above at the construction Marine storage terminal (MST) should send application and CV to DOCG Human Resource Office through e-mail frank.david@docgi.cn on or before 17:00 hours East African Time (EAT), on 3rd August, 2022. Subject of the email should be MST-TZ-20220720_Job Application for CLO-NAME.



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For inquiries ( working hours): 0692117239, 0652178898 & 0734130267

The deadline for submitting the application is 4 August 2022.

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