04 June 2022

Job Opportunity at Tindwa Medical and Health Service - Waste and Environmental Manager

  SageWAP.com       04 June 2022

Job Opportunity at Tindwa Medical and Health Service - Waste and Environmental Manager

Tindwa medical and health service is local registered company dealing with providing Emergency  Medical Services, Waste and Environmental Management, Occupation Health and safety both  local and international and Medical Supplies Services. Currently, it is looking for Waste and  Environmental Manager person who is self-motivated, committed, result driven to work with the  company for the Waste and Environmental department

Job Title : Waste and Environmental Manager 

Department : Waste and Environment Management

Reports to : Managing Director

Deadline :10th June, 2022 :

Required Qualifications 

  • Minimal qualification Bachelor Degree in Environmental Science and Management, Environmental Health Sciences or any related field
  • Must be fluent in writing and speaking English language
  • Must have computer skills
  • Managerial skills
  •  At least three years working experience in the field of waste management ⮚ Applicants should have a high level of discipline, communicative and interpersonal  skills, analytical, innovative problem-solving skills and time-managing skills

Waste and Environmental Manager Job Vacancy at Tindwa Medical and Health Service


  • Manage statutory Compliance for all operations
  • Overseeing collection, transportation and disposal of waste, to ensure its efficiency and  prevent contamination – of air, land or water.
  • Ensuring that health, safety, and security rules are followed.
  • Formulating disposal methods and developing new approach/methods on waste  management
  • Ensuring a consistent standard of customer service.
  • Supervising team and providing additional training and coaching as needed to ensure  everyone is performing their job properly
  •  Coordinate and supervise effectively all disposal activities at site
  • Perform evaluations and report all effect of our operations at site
  •  Implement all company procedures, policies, guidelines and plans at the plant  ∙ Liaise with relevant bodies such as local authorities, public bodies and competent bodies ∙ Negotiate waste and environmental service agreements and manage associated costs and  revenues
  • Set organizational sustainability targets, developing plans to meet those targets and  oversee their delivery.

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