Capacity Building and Training

  • Provide the differentiated learning tools for struggling children to the education coordinator, student teachers, and education assistant
  • Run the monthly education meetings with the education coordinator and education team to identify children with educational problems and give support
  • Conduct quarterly academic meetings with the education team and education coordinator to review all children’s progress especially those with special needs.
  • Create/adapt tools to track learner progress in concert with Silverleaf
  • Create toolkits and trainings to improve educational quality for local organizations

Children’s Education Oversight

  • With support from the education coordinator, reunification, outreach coordinator, and education team, search for the best schools that will support the special needs and residential children.
  • Assess the special learning needs of all individuals, reunified, residential, and preschool children.
  • Create IEP and learning plan for each child with special learning needs by coordinating with the education coordinator and education assistant.
  • Schedule each child, based on learning needs, with the education coordinator and the education team
  • Work with the outreach team to identify any child with special learning needs and give support
  • Run the mentorship program for the Children Village’s children
  • Publish the quarterly Kid’s Newsletter

Education Sr. Coordinator /Manager Job Vacancy at The Small Things

Community Education Programs

  • Work with community education teachers and support them as needed
  • Manage and run the community education programs
  • Schedule sessions for each teacher and support the teacher’s teaching
  • Supervise and provide the necessary support to computer class teacher
  • Supervise and provide the necessary support to English class teacher
  • Work with the Social Enterprise Coordinator to ensure participation of studio students in the English and Computer classes
  • Bi-annually purchase books, book replacements, and monthly stationaries
  • Manage pen pal letters program for tutoring children


  • Conduct bi-weekly meetings with the Education Coordinator
  • Conduct bi-weekly meetings with the tutoring teacher on duty
  • Attend bi-weekly meetings with the Managing Director
  • Run monthly meetings with the pre-school and baby daycare teams.
  • Attend management meetings
  • With the managing director, assess the education staff.
  • Review and verify that the maintenance and usage budget is followed
  • Communicate to the managing director any overages to the budget that have occurred or will occur
  • Observe and provide a checklist to assess the education program

How to apply

Email with your CV and cover letter, before June 18th.