Job Opportunity at International School of Tanganyika ( IST ), Administrative Officer (Temporary) – Secondary School – ESP Coordinator

Job Opportunity at International School of Tanganyika ( IST ), Administrative Officer (Temporary) – Secondary School – ESP Coordinator

Title Administrative Officer  (TEMPORARY POSITION) Category  (cf Policy 5.101) Administrative Management and Technical Support
Reports to: Principal Department: Administration
Job Holder
Start date: 1st August, 2022 to 

31st January, 2023

IST Foundational Documents

IST Mission

Challenging, inspiring and supporting all our students to fulfil their potential and improve the world

IST Vision

IST will be a global leader in the education of internationally-mobile young people.

All students, regardless of their starting point, will think critically, achieve academically and develop the  wisdom to make good choices.  They will show curiosity and creativity in addressing authentic problems, local and global.

They will pursue their varied passions with enthusiasm, developing resilience, perseverance, and confidence.  Understanding the diversity of people and cultures, they will act kindly, fairly, and responsibly.

All members of the IST community will work together to fulfil this vision.

Statement of Values

All members of the IST community are:

  • Responsible – We act responsibly, positively and constructively towards ourselves and other people. We learn from our mistakes and accept the consequences of our actions.
  • Inquiring – We show curiosity, perseverance and open-mindedness in seeking to understand and solve problems. We persevere in the face of difficulties and we embrace the learning that comes through failure as well as the joy of success.
  • Compassionate – We empathise with others and act with care, kindness and courage. In our interactions, we behave with patience, generosity and integrity.
  • Balanced – We believe in a broad education for our students, seeing the value of participation in a varied curriculum.
  • Diverse – We treasure the diversity within the IST community, using the rich opportunities for deeper understanding that come from our differences.

IST Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Plan is in place to help our community align efforts to better reach our school’s mission, vision and values.  This plan is focused on three aims.

  1. Personalized Learning:
  2. The written, taught and assessed curriculum is designed to meet the needs of all learners
  3. Creation and implementation of the technology plan in order to ensure that future
  4. developments of media and information technology address the long-term needs of the
  5. Professional learning opportunities are designed to have a positive on impact student learning.
  6. Ensure IST is recognized globally as an exemplary IB World School.
  7. Continued development of IST’s inclusion programs to support personalized experiences for all learners.
  1. Engaged Community:
  2. Build and sustain a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment for all members of the school
  3. Continued development of partnerships with local and global individuals, organizations and                    alumni to enhance student learning.
  4. Develop and review processes and systems to enhance communication within the IST                    community
  1. Ensured Sustainability:
  2. Continued review and implementation of master site plan – with focus on inclusion and access as well as facilities to support innovative programs
  3. Review procedures to retain and recruit employees who are aligned with our strategic plan.
  4. Improve IST’s ability to work more sustainably and align environmental frameworks to improve our educational experiences and operations.
  5. Enhance processes for creating, auditing and reviewing IST policy and procedure documents

Summary of the Role

The Administrative Officer provides planning and logistical coordination for all Secondary school trips as well as special events hosted by IST. The Administrative Officer  will lead the planning process for the Extended Studies Program (ESP) as well as support the Outdoor Education Coordinator and Athletics/ Activities Coordinator with logistical planning of field trips that involve students and/or staff members traveling to other locations for school-sponsored activities (both within Tanzania and internationally). The Administrative Officer is a key contributor to the effective development and successful implementation of all field trips. The Administrative Officer  works effectively with the administrative assistant team, and other Departmental Managers to coordinate all aspects of Trip planning. The Administrative Officer may be assigned support duties by the Secondary School Principal or Vice Principal, Activities Director to support the coordination of events hosted by IST.  Assist campus administration with marketing information for trips as required. Maintain confidentiality of information.

The person in this position reports directly to the Secondary Principal, yet coordinates the logistics of trips based on requests made by a wide variety of teachers and administrators and will follow the procedures found in the Field Trip Procedures Handbook. Planning of trips will require the Administrative Officer  to work with the Transportation Manager, Accounts Department Manager and Head of Security at IST.

Preferred Qualifications and Experience

  • Experience: 10+ years’ experience as Administrative Officer;
  • A minimum Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration or a related field;

Professional Competencies:

  • Excellent communication skills in spoken and written form
  • Self-motivated with the ability to work without supervision
  • Knowledge of child protection and health and safety
  • Strong customer service and problem solving skills
  • Excellent interpersonal communication and organizational skills
  • Experience in public facility management
  • Willingness and ability to collaborate effectively with colleagues
  • Highly effective relationship developer with a variety of stakeholders
  • Strong literacy in G Suite
  • Impactful communication
  • Integrity and trust

Professional Attributes and Skills:

  • Ability to analyze situations and take appropriate action in a variety of procedural matters independently without immediate supervision;
  • Ability to prioritize and coordinate work flow and timeliness for self and others;
  • Ability to operate a variety of office equipment and tools such as, copy machine, scanner, databases, Google Sheets, Forms, Docs, and Presentation.
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective work relationships with those contacted in the performance of required duties;
  • Ability to communicate effectively and professionally in both oral and written forms;
  • Ability to establish and maintain a variety of recordkeeping, reference, and data collection systems;
  • Ability to understand and apply successfully a variety of complex directions to specific situations; (h) Ability to lead and exhibit leadership for a team;
  • Ability to facilitate meetings and learning experiences for secondary support staff team members;
  • Knowledge of financial record keeping methods and practices;
  • Knowledge of proper office systems that promote customer service and efficiency.

Administrative Officer (Temporary) – Secondary School – ESP Coordinator Vacancy at International School of Tanganyika ( IST )


The primary responsibilities for Administrative Officer  will be:

To successfully realize the Extended Studies Program (ESP).

  • Work with the Secondary Leadership Team to ensure ESP trip destinations support the IST Mission and spirit of the ESP Program.
  • Work with secretaries and administration to develop a timeline for faculty members to plan ESP trip activities effectively.
  • Work with existing and new third party trip providers to plan safe, supportive, and challenging trips and ensure invoicing of services is accurate and timely with the help of the Accounts Department.
  • Follow the procedures and guidelines found in the Field Trip Procedures Handbook.
  • Update the ESP Trip Brochure to parents and students annually.
  • Manage the trip selection process to ensure students and faculty go on a trip of their choice and troubleshoot any issues that arise to ensure student and staff satisfaction.

To support the logistical planning of all trips (ESP, Outdoor Education, AsA’s) and local events hosted by IST (e.g. GISS Conference 2019).

  • Ensure that the ‘Traveling Teams’ Spreadsheet with all traveling participant details is correct and complete.
    1. Connect with families whose information is missing from the School information management system or need to update information and passport scans.
    2. Distribute important travel documents to families, coaches and other chaperones about upcoming events or trips.
    3. Collect and collate permission forms from parents for various trips
  • Work with the school’s approved travel agents to coordinate travel arrangements (ex. flights) and appropriate invoicing with the help of the Accounts Department.
  • Work with the Transportation Manager to ensure proper bus and ferry bookings are arranged for land and sea transfers.
    1. Work with ASA Assistant to ensure transportation for friendly matches to or from IST
    2. Assist in ground transportation for special events (ex. ISSEA, GISS)
  • Follow the procedures and guidelines outlined in the Field Trip Procedures Handbook. (e) Work effectively with other appointed staff in charge of a particular event hosted by IST Secondary (ex. GISS Conference Coordinator).

(f) Work effectively with the Activities Department to ensure payments, invoices and reimbursements are handled in conjunction with the Accounts Office.

To review and organize all documentation that is prepared for any trip (Trip Approval Form, RAMS forms) before sharing it with the Head of Security. 

(a) Ensure all forms are completely thoroughly and have been reviewed before sending it to the Head of Security for approval and subsequently to the Vice-Principal for review.

Review and update the Field Trip  Procedures Handbook at the end of the academic year.

  • Ensure accuracy and completeness of the various sections of the Handbook and review any proposed changes with the Principal for his/ her approval before releasing any updated version.
  • To work with secretaries and administration to ensure the Handbook is updated before the start of the following academic year.

Ensure trips are put onto the school calendar. 

(a) Work with the Administration and secretaries to ensure the school calendar accurately reflects the trip schedules for that academic year.

Perform any other duties as designated by the Principal

Applications and enquiries should be directed to before close of business on Tuesday, 21st  June 2022.

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