Job Opportunity at IMA World Health/Lutheran World Relief - Tax and Local Labor Law Consultant

Job Opportunity at IMA World Health/Lutheran World Relief - Tax and Local Labor Law Consultant

Tax and Local Labor Law Consultant

Terms of reference for Tax and Local Labor Law Consultant

IMA World Health (IMA) and Lutheran World Relief are members of Corus International, a consortium of organizations working together to deliver holistic, durable solutions to the interconnected challenges of poverty, poor health outcomes, and climate change. Established in 1960, legacy IMA has a long history of successfully collaborating with governments, faith-based organizations, national partners, and the private sector to provide quality healthcare for the most vulnerable. Today, legacy IMA builds the capacities of local partners and governments to strengthen existing health systems, prevent and treat diseases, improve maternal and child health, promote nutrition and WASH, respond to sexual and gender-based violence, and contribute to global health security.

Lutheran World Relief has worked in Tanzania since 1961, partnering with the Ministry of Agriculture and other local public and private stakeholders to strengthen long-term food security. In Tanzania, legacy LWR specializes in building the local capacity of farmers organizations to provide sustainable, equitable, and value-add services to their members. Through these organizations, legacy LWR trains farmers in improved crop husbandry and post-harvest handling and marketing techniques. legacy LWR also helps link the organizations and their members to financial institutions and other extension service providers. To date, legacy LWR has supported Tanzanian farmers organizations producing and selling value chain horticultural crops (grapes, tomatoes, onions, ginger), cereals (maize, rice, sorghum), vegetables, oil seeds (sesame, sunflower), coffee, beans, and potatoes.
LWR and IMA (referred as Corus from this point forward) are looking for accredited tax and local labor law consultant to undertake an organization tax health check, identify and address the gaps and help the organization to comply with the requirements of Tanzania Revenue Authority, NGO registry, Ministry of Labor and other appropriate entities of the United Republic of Tanzania.

Tax and Local Labor Law Consultant Job Opportunity at IMA World Health/Lutheran World Relief


Support Corus in Tanzania to ensure compliance with the tax regulations and the local labor Law.

Specific Roles.

  • Advice Corus on tax requirement as per Tanzania Revenue Authority
  • Undertake organization wide Tax Health Check
  • Assist Corus staff in collecting, organizing and preparing tax documents and returns including preparation of tax computations, filing of tax returns and stamp duty.
  • Be available to answer tax questions and help to prepare future tax situations and analyze tax information to ensure Corus is compliant with government regulations.
  • Support review of HR related policies and manuals.
  • Review templates for employment contracts, modifications, end of the contract notices and other employee communications related to HR functions, to ensure compliance with the Tanzanian labor laws and regulations.
  • Provide updates to Corus on any changes to labor law or other regulations governing employer-employee relationship.
  • Provide regular update to Corus on alterations in tax rates, new tax and tax legislation that has been introduced by TRA and other government agencies.
  • Train Corus staff on tax compliance and tax law.
  • Management and resolution of tax issues with the Tanzania Revenue Authority as requested by the company
  • Provide reminder on the dates of filing tax returns, making tax payments and other important tax information.

Required Qualifications Work Experience:

In responding to this request, the firm will submit their profile, which will include:

  • Expression of interest (up to 3 pages) – outlining the summary of relevant previous experience (minimum requirement is five years) including description of provided services to International NGOs
  • Names and resumes of key personnel
  • Organizational details, including firm name, year established, copy of firm’s certification (including TIN certificate, copy of business permit, accreditation certificate and Valid Tax Compliance certificate)
  • Two references to other international NGOs whom your firm has served and provide a brief description as to the kinds of services rendered.
  • Name of any international association to which your firm belongs.
  • Disclosure of anyone in your firm currently serves as a government official or has served as a government official in the past 5 years.
  • Audited accounts for the last 3 years
  • Indicate retainer fee per year, service that will be offered and proposed method of invoicing
    publication articles and/or international NGO tax issue case studies or essays completed if available (optional requirement)

Tax and Local Labor Law Consultant Job Vacancy at IMA World Health/Lutheran World Relief

Application procedure

Complete applications containing elements a) through i) should be submitted as attachments to an email to:

The subject line should read: Tax Consultant

Deadline for the submission of bids is on Friday July 15th, 2022 by 5pm Tanzania time
Applicants who do not follow application instructions will be rejected.

ONLY shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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