14 May 2022

Job Opportunity at Rift Valley Children’s Fund - Loan Officer

  SageWAP.com       14 May 2022

Job Opportunity at Rift Valley Children’s Fund - Loan Officer

Loan Officer

Full Time


Rift Valley Children’s Fund

The Rift Valley children's fund is a recognized non-governmental organization operating in the karatu district of Tanzania.


Rifty Economic Advancement Program (REAP) – Loan Officer Job Description

The Rift Valley Children’s Fund is seeking a full-time Loan Officer to work with our economic development program the Rifty Economic Advancement Program (REAP). Founded in 2004, RVCF is a thriving community-based organization operating the Rift Valley Children’s Village, and providing free healthcare, high quality education, and micro loans and training to the residents of the Oldeani Ward.

Your Duties as REAP Loan Officer include, but not limited to

  • Conduct monthly business training for our REAP clients.
  • Collect loan payments from the Community Based Trainer (CBTs) and clients.
  • Distribute loans to old and new clients that have been approved by the REAP Director.
  • Alert the REAP Director about the clients who are mis-using loans.
  • Alert the REAP Director when you feel certain clients should not be given rollover loans due to poor payment history.
  • Attend CBT’s meeting with the REAP Director every three months.
  • Work with CBTs to overcome challenges they face when collecting loan payments from clients.
  • Prepare additional CBT trainings as needed
  • Prepare and execute the process for introducing new clients into the program.
  • Create and maintain client files in the office. Update as needed and ensure that client information is kept confidential.
  • Working with the REAP Director and other REAP Officers to plan, prepare and execute annual REAP Day and the REAP Impact Survey Report.
  • Support the operations of the Rift Valley Women’s Group as needed.
  • Know that due to the size and nature of our Organization you may be called to assist in other areas as needed.


  • Recent graduates/Diploma holders in Accounting, Community Development, or Finance
  • Fluency in Kiswahili and at least proficient in written and spoken English
  • Eagerness to learn and able to follow directions and receive constructive feedback
  • Willingness to live on RVCV campus and to have flexible working hours and travel within the community
  • Training experience strongly desired


  • Monthly salary based on level of experience
  • Full Room and Board at RVCV, including your own apartment, three full meals per day, housekeeping and laundry assistance and transport to Karatu as needed.
  • Health coverage for term of service
  • One-month annual leave per year of commitment with all Sundays and National Holidays worked earning a paid day off.

Please email CV/Cover Letter to arturo@tanzanianchildrensfund.org

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