24 May 2022

Job Opportunity at Maua Mazuri Ltd , Laboratory Assistant – Tissue Culture Agribusiness

  Nasseb Abdallah       24 May 2022

Job Opportunity at Maua Mazuri Ltd , Laboratory Assistant – Tissue Culture Agribusiness

Laboratory Assistant – Tissue Culture Agribusiness Job Vacancy at Maua Mazuri Ltd

Job Description


As a team member, to execute day-to-day Tissue Culture propagation activities, according to the Maua Mazuri Excellent Laboratory Practices (MMELP).

You will be successful once you fit in this performing organization of high reputation, and your boss evaluates your output above 8/10 yearly job assessment), your colleagues respect you and you respect them, you create a positive spirit within the company and achieve the year targets as endorsed by your boss.

Furthermore, you show high professionalism, including respecting all corporate and ethical rules, you adhere to safety and hygiene rules, and do everything to improve your knowledge about your job, overall satisfaction of customers, colleagues and stakeholders. You show a high degree of trust and confidentiality and represent the company well, at any moment, also outside office hours!


– Good eyesight (may be corrected)

– Good hand-eye coordination

– Able to concentrate on detail

– Able to keep records accurately


There will be a probation time conform labor law of 3 months. Given the precise nature of the job (not everybody, notwithstanding enthusiasm, is suited for such a closed environment), the company will strictly adhere to this term to define competence and work attitude of the candidate.


Duties include but are not limited to

Follow very strictly the rules of the Maua Mazuri Excellent Laboratory Practices (MMELP);

Clean, sterilize and maintain equipment and facilities;

Set up and operate equipment, including microscopes, environmental chambers (incubators) and centrifuges;

Select live material with the desired characteristics;

Dissect and test tissues or cells for viruses and other diseases;

Prepare selected tissues or cells for reproduction (if requested);

Prepare reproductive and growth chemical solutions (medias) suitable for the species to be propagated;

Chemically treat selected tissues or cells to induce genetic mutations;

Place tissues or cells in sterile chemical solutions or medias and place on shakers to initiate reproduction or growth;

Place reproduced plant material in sealed sterile containers containing a nutrient gel, then grow under controlled temperature and light conditions, repeating this process until the specimens are of sufficient size;

Grow samples of cloned cells or organisms to maturity and monitor them for desirable or undesirable genetic mutations (genotypes) or characteristics (phenotypes);

Record results by using computers or other methods;

Keep high standards of hygiene and put on your daily uniform;

Listen to your boss and represent the company.

Laboratory Assistant – Tissue Culture Agribusiness Job Vacancy at Maua Mazuri Ltd


Education level and experience: You can work as a tissue culture technician without formal qualifications. You will get informal training on the job. Entry to this occupation may be improved if you have qualifications and or experience in another Lab or have worked at a shamba.

Specific skills: you speak and read fluently in Kiswahili and at a minimum speak English.

Personal characteristics: you are dedicated, disciplined, precise, confident, patient, peaceful and very loyal.



Minimum a diploma certificate holder who underwent laboratory science .

Physical abilities: you are in good health and have not hidden medical occurrences that can affect Lab hygiene both gents and Ladies are encouraged to apply.

Starting date: June 1st 2022.

Office hours: week days 8am – 5.30pm.


MITI MINGI Limited is an agri-biotechnology company, established for 10 years, and now owning a commercial Tissue Culture Laboratory of the highest standards and quality, with trade name MAUA MAZURI and a planned propagation capacity of one million plantlets per year, easily up-scalable to 5 million per year.


“Good salary” & comprehensive benefits package.

Salary matches qualification, experience and skills, technicality and professionalism.

Deadline for application: 26th May 2022.

Send your application letter and Cv through our email address below:


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