23 May 2022

Job Opportunity at Exim Bank Tanzania - Manager, Market Risk

  Nasseb Abdallah       23 May 2022

Job Opportunity at Exim Bank Tanzania - Manager, Market Risk

Job Title: Manager, Market Risk

Department: Risk & Compliance

Reporting to: Head, Risk & Compliance

Responsible for: N/A

Region: Dar es Salaam

Hours of work: 8am -5pm Monday to Friday.

Additional hours as required by work load.


  • Market Risk Management works with the business units and control functions to help ensure the Bank has a transparent, consistent and comprehensive programme for managing Market risk and Liquidity risk .
  • The role will require collaborating with various stakeholders to build a sound market risk and liquidity risk framework that conforms to the risk appetite established by the Board.


  • Assist in the definition, review and implementation of limits as well as development of tools for effective limit monitoring and reporting.
  • Obtain detailed understanding of profitability and document key Profit & Loss drivers.
  • Effectively communicate risk issues to all levels of risk governance, control functions and the front office.
  • Provide management (ALCO,RMC, MANCOM) and Board (BRMC] with appropriate insights and information on market risk profile and liquidity risk profile.
  • Develop a strong independent view of current market conditions, front office positions and valuation of assets.
  • Maintain regular engagement with the Front Office, Middle Office and Back Office teams to ensure risk issues are identified and resolved timely.
  • Contribute towards the understanding of market and liquidity risks arising from new initiatives (trades, products, activities) and recommend appropriate controls.
  • Leading and managing implementation of ICAAP and ILAAP requirements and ensure adequate governance process.
  • Develop a comprehensive set of CAAP and ILAAP stress-test scenarios and ensure their regular review and update Enhance management’s view and decision on market risk and liquidity risk through periodic stress testing, in line with regulatory requirements.


  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written; ability to produce concise and effective reports, presentations; ability to communicate complex quantitative analysis results in a clear, precise, and actionable manner .
  • Strong understanding of the drivers and measures of market risk, strategic mind-set, with excellent knowledge and understanding of banking products and organisations.


  • Experience of at least 4 years in a similar function
  • Significant experience in risk, with fluency in Market Risk; sound understanding of risk management principles.
  • Good understanding of Market Risk concepts and metrics (vaR Pvo1, NII, scenario analysis, risk sensitivities, etc.), and governance frameworks.

How to Apply:

Please send your application to hrrecruit@eximbank.co.tz

Application deadline:- 26th May 2022

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