02 May 2022

2 Job Opportunities at AIE, Accountant

  SageWAP.com       02 May 2022
AIE, Accountant

We are looking for two Accountants at Institute of Adults Education to join our working team. The interested candidates should apply by following the instructions provided.


Civil servant, owner of a bachelors degree or Diploma of higher education in one

the following, Accounting, Finance, Business, Business Administration

Majoring in Accountancy or Finance or similar qualifications


Applicants should integrate currently Curriculum Vitae (CV) including reliable contact, postal/postcode addresses, emails and phone numbers

Applicants should link their verified copies of the following certificates: certificate of certificate, degree, Advanced Diploma, Diploma, Certification, Certificate of Certificate Iv and certification of Inquiry Form VI, and Birth certificate representation.

 Only successful candidates will be contacted

 Presentation of forged certificates and other information will be required legallyaction.

The application should be sent via Adress bellow


Institute of Adult Education (IAE)

S. O. P. 20679, DAR ES SALAAM. Tanzania. Phone: +255 22 2150838

Email: info@iae.ac.tz

Not more than 30th May 2022

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