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Tuesday, June 15, 2021

8 Job Opportunities at CVPeople Tanzania, Plant Operators

CVPeople Tanzania, Plant Operators

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CVPeople Tanzania | Full time

Mara , Tanzania | Posted on 06/15/2021

Job Description

Risk Management Monitor safety,

  • Equipment, production and quality risk at all times and report any significant change in risk.
  • Be pro-active in hazard identification and correction.

Plant operation

  • Ensure the water plant production is maximised and operating within the selected process design parameters.
  • To make adjustments in the field as directed by the Process Controller and/or Plant supervisor.
  • To conduct plant walkdowns, inspections and routines to identify any safety hazards and faulty equipment and process conditions. 
  • To check on stock levels of chemicals and to action the top up of chemicals where required.
  • To check the chemical dosing systems are dosing as per required dose rates.
  • Take representative samples, perform laboratory analysis and report results.
  • To carry out daily inspection of all mechanical, electrical and instrumentation equipment and report any defects.
  • Start and stop equipment /open and close valves in the field as directed by the Process Controller/ Control Room Operator.
  • Perform plant standby, running, isolation and fault finding procedures.
  • To verify the equipment in the field is operating within the required parameters in terms of flow, pressure etc.
  • Check on and report on feed dam, brine pond, sludge pond and storage tank levels.
  • Carry out Ultrafiltration and Reverse Osmosis membrane Cleaning procedures when instructed. 

Record Keeping

  • Complete all shift logs with the appropriate plant data as per frequencies and schedules.


  • Take routine plant samples in accordance with the specified procedure and as per the required frequencies.
  • Take external water samples as per required schedules, label and issue for distribution.
  • Lab Procedures Follow the required analytical methods as per procedures.Document all results on shift logs and report any out of specification results to the Process Controller/Control Room Operator.


  • Report all equipment and plant defects as soon as possible and assist in generating a formal defect.


  • Report any out of normal operating conditions.
  • Safety, Health & Environment Ensure all client and company policies and procedures are adhered to at all times.
  • Ensure all work performed is covered by suitable risk assessments


Ensure that good housekeeping practices on the plant are always maintained at a high level. A place for everything and everything in its place.

Qualifications Minimum

  • Matric, Grade 12 with a pass in both Maths and Science. 
  • 1 year Plant Assistant experience.


  • Water treatment Plant Operator experience.

Experience Minimum

  •  1 year as a Plant Assistant on a mine water plant.
  • Track record of being able to work within a plant operating team.


  • Operating experience on mine water, water purification and wastewater treatment plants.

Knowledge and Skills Technical Analysis

  • Basic mechanical and electrical understanding of plants and equipment, with the associated risks.
  • Awareness of industry safety standards.

Plant Operation

  • Understanding of plant operation and control philosophies.
  • Awareness of SCADA systems.
  • Basic sample techniques.
  • Basic laboratory techniques
  • Awareness of chemical handling methods.
  • Awareness of standby, running and isolation checks.

Performance Reporting

  • Complete inspection and data logs.


  • Ability to solve plant deviations, choosing from a set selection of documented options.

Physical Attributes The candidate should be able to handle the following conditions:

  • Exposure to noise, dust, grease, smoke, gases, hazardous chemicals, solvents, toxic materials, within the allowable exposure limits.
  • Work and walk on various types of surfaces including uneven surfaces.
  •  Exposure to all weather types and temperature conditions.
  •  Work around water bodies.
  • Work in confined spaces.
  • Moderate to heavy lifting.
  • Standing and walking for prolonged periods of time; climbing, balancing, stooping, kneeling and crouching.
  • Working at heights.

Behavioural Competencies

  • Compliance Ability to follow defined site procedures.
  • Trainable Open to growth and new learning. Disciplined in applying the learning received