Job Opportunity at Lodhia Group, Bariman - Furnace |

Monday, May 10, 2021

Job Opportunity at Lodhia Group, Bariman - Furnace

Lodhia Group - Bariman – Furnace

Bariman – Furnace

Junior HR Officer at Lodhia Group March, 2021. The Lodhia Group began trading in 1996 as the Steel Centre. In truth, however, the Group’s origins can be traced back far earlier. Born and raised in Tanzania, Lodhia group Founder and Chairman Mr Arun Lodhia was refining his entrepreneurial proclivities from primary school.

Since the opening of the group’s first steel rolling mill in 2003, Lodhia Group has provided hundreds of jobs with levels of security and benefits unprecedented in the region. Support for the education of employees’ children and regular medical assistance has been provided as a matter of course.

A wide range of CSR initiatives are also undertaken, many of which go unreported. In short the growth of Lodhia Group has directly correlated with an increase in the quality of life in the surrounding community

Job Opportunity at Lodhia Group, Bariman - Furnace

Bariman - furnace at Lodhia Group May, 2021


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