Job Opportunity at CVPeople Tanzania, Mechanical Engineer |

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Job Opportunity at CVPeople Tanzania, Mechanical Engineer

CVPeople Tanzania, Mechanical Engineer

CVPeople Tanzania | Full time

Mechanical Engineer

Iringa , Tanzania | Posted on 05/05/2021

Job Description

The primary purpose: This position will support operations by maintaining, troubleshooting, repairing and optimizing all facilities and manufacturing equipment and utilities in a safe and orderly fashion as directed by the Operations Manager. This position creates value for the company by performing preventative and corrective maintenance leading to increased uptime and reliability, thus helping the company meets its production and quality goals.


  • Support the Engineering Supervisor, Work Order Allocation, Material Requisitions, Maintenance Planning and Scheduling.
  • Execute mechanical activities on-site as directed including: -

a. All planned maintenance tasks (scheduled & emergent).

b. Compliance with safety requirements and liaison and coordination with other Departments as required.

c. Ensure equipment, materials and tools are on-hand for work execution. Report resources and time utilized, job scope expansion, rework or deferred maintenance as required; also keeping all tasks & activities logged and up-dated.

d.Implementation of routine Preventive Maintenance (PM) checks including vibration & temperature inspections on designated rotating equipment and ensuring logging or recording of all readings; includes preliminary assessment and reportage on as-found conditions.

e. Repairs to other static equipment as required – valves, pipe-work, pressure vessels and tanks etc.

  • Re-focusing Maintenance from Preventive and Breakdown Maintenance to Predictive and Proactive Maintenance modes by implementing and practicing equipment diagnostic technics thus reducing equipment downtime.
  • Implementation of continuous improvement programs nurturing a zero-defect work culture.
  • Determining  work procedures, prepare work schedules/logs in order to expedite work flow
  • Maintaining the plant, equipment and tools, pumps, screw conveyors, pipes, etc. with the aim of optimizing overall operating efficiency of plant.
  • Keep a detailed record of all maintenance activities
  • Communicating serious breakdowns and resolve problems by doing continuous improvements from trend sheets, implementing predictive maintenance at the same time communicating same to the Engineering department and to the Operations Manager so as to minimize equipment downtime 
  •  Preparing daily, weekly and monthly processing, maintenance repair reports
  •  Set and monitor equipment processing parameters so as to optimize product yield, quality, machine availability and process performance.
  •  Regular checking to confirm machines are operating in a safe condition, pump protection systems are functional and safety procedures are being followed
  •  Be prepared to work standby, late shifts and overtime when required
  • Ensuring work compliances to standards, tolerances and fits & working in accordance with sound engineering practices on all jobs; includes reading P&ID’s, Technical Literature and Equipment Manuals.
  • Ensuring mechanical spare parts availability for scheduled and projected jobs inclusive of spare inventory (physical) checking and stock inspections and preliminary liaison with Suppliers and Vendors.
  • Equipment problems trouble-shooting and basic Root Cause Analysis and development of solutions
  • Performs annual statutory vessel inspection and testing (as well as whenever required)
  • Complete planning and maintenance paperwork and produce monthly breakdown and maintenance reports
  •  Performs cutting, fabrication, welding and machining procedures
  • Performs other related duties as assigned

Preferred Qualifications and Education:

  • Degree in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent and higher.

Work Experience:

  • Minimum Required: 3 years as a hands-on mechanical engineer in a 24-hr manufacturing or processing facility.

Salary and other benefits:

  • With competitive Salary and other benefits commensurate with skills and experience

Specialized or Technical Knowledge:

  •  Technical troubleshooting skills
  •  Team Player
  • Good emergency response and planning
  • Following safety protocols
  • Basic understanding of electrical, hydraulic, and pneumatic circuits/drawings/prints
  •  Ability to use diagnostic equipment (e.g., infrared and vibration analyzers etc.)
  • Ability to read blueprints/ technical drawings