Job Opportunity at CVPeople Tanzania, Client Operation Manager-Export |

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Job Opportunity at CVPeople Tanzania, Client Operation Manager-Export

CVPeople Tanzania, Client Operation Manager-Export

CVPeople Tanzania | Full time

Client Operation Manager-Export

Dar , Tanzania | Posted on 05/05/2021

Job Description


  • Manage the team (N-1)
  • Inform direct report of the entity strategy/ evolutions and communicate on required alignments
  • Assess the performance of N-1
  • Develop & maintain the competencies
  • Ensure a smooth transfer of files/issues when change of N-1
  • Ensure the correct application of induction program for newcomers
  • Apply leave management policy
  • Manage the operational relationship with the client
  • Receive the transit orders from the client (tariffs already validated through a quotation). In case of new business (new or existing client), a new signed quotation must be issued by Front office in accordance with guidelines provided by HOD/DILS
  • Alert the client in case of operational issue (potential or real) and provide solutions
  • Provide support to credit control in case of cash collection issue
  • Arrange and attend monthly evaluation meeting with the client
  • Manage Operations
  • Ensure that the agreed SOPs are applied at each step of the business proces
  • Allocate the files to be processed to CSO and follow up on file progress and client updates
  • Anticipate challenges in the process and provide solutions
  •  Provide support to CSO on operational challenges
  • Minimise service failures with frequent follow-up
  •  Manage file processing
  • Validate the opened file before process begins (for clients exceeding their credit conditions, escalate to N+1 for validation)
  • Check the file processing progress and ensure that the different process steps are well done from a physical point of view (documentation) or electronic one (step update capture in SPOT)
  •  Archive regularly the files (physically & electronically, once a month at least)
  •  Implement all necessary actions to improve quality of processing (process, request for additional resource, computers...)
  •  Control quality of job files.
  •  Ensure that operations are performed in respect with gross margin & disbursements anticipated when quotation has been issued
  • Know and understand the detail of each client quotation related to operations in progress.
  • Perform the operations in respect to quotation validated by the client.
  • Approve the supplier’s invoices (value and service provided), allocate onto the correct file and present to N+1 for validation.
  • Prepare draft client invoices and corresponding attachments (must fit with quotation) for validation by N+1.
  • Check and approve the disbursements of each file.
  •  Alert/Inform N+1 when quotation is not compliant with operations to be performed.
  • Approve Internal LPO before despatch to the CFS Operations Manager.
  • Alert/Inform Management
  • Alert N+1 in case of significant operational issue (impact on quality of service, invoicing, sensitive client...)
  •  Inform N+1 and Front office of all quotation non-compliant with export goals (gross margin, turnover, feasibility...)
  • Identify & work on the issues raised during the file processing.


To be arranged within the team


95% target on Quality of service KPI (including Client’s KPI)

100% target on GM and OR for allocated customers

No rollovers from the initial booking




Natural Leader

Team player

Self Starter

Problem Solver

Ability to work to tight deadlines

Ability to drive a team to work to a common goal.



Degree Holder


At least 5 years’ experience in clearing and forwarding

Al least 5 years’ experience in managing a team of two or more

Good knowledge of export customs clearance processes.

Good knowledge of Microsoft Office

Good use of email

Excellent communicator both verbal and written