Thursday, August 8, 2019

One House in Yombo it Burns       Thursday, August 8, 2019
In Dar es salaam,Tanzania at Yombo one house is burned today at evening in yombo kwalimboa Temeke DSM and the causes of that fire it's Electricity Short that cause the house tu burned

Omary Kabute its owner of that house he said that he is not at home and in home there is Wife and two children, that stay in that house and says that all member of his family is safe and say that file it is because of electricity short that is a source of file in his house. And after house burned Mr.Kabute it have a problems he don't have any house holds and also he lost his house and he have no another house to live with his Family at that time Mr.Omary kabute is live with his family in the house of one of a good person Bi. Sandra that have a big house and give the space to live Omary with his Family.

We get Bi.sandra and it have this to say "to help someone its a big issue to me because i very love to help people that have trouble and in that i believed God is like and because of this behavior of helped someone god is blessing me with my Family" says Bi.sandra

House of Mr.Omary it have insurance from jubilee life insurance and say to omary after 3monthes they pay for all house and the house holds. For that its a class to you to insurance your house and all of you own because can help you in the trouble.

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